The International Potmark Workshop

This site was designed by Liat Ayzencot and Shiri Barak-Mordo (Tetitu ), programmed by Tamir Mordo (Tetitu) and uploaded by the undersigned, in preparation of - and as a tool for the International Potmark Workshop initiated by the undersigned. In its 'final' form the potmark database will contain all available information of over 4000 early dynastic potmarks. A search engine will hopefully be added to the programme by Tetitu in the near future. The expenses for this web-design and its programming so far are covered by voluntary contributions of the participants of the potmark workshop.
With the help of Th. Gilroy, the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto gave its kind permission to freely upload over 300 digital color photographs, pertaining to potmarked sherds deriving from Petrie's excavations in the royal necropolis at Umm el-Ga'ab, Abydos. None of these color photographs can be used for publication without explicit, written permission of the ROM, Toronto.
Lisa Mawdsley gave her kind permission to add various new data concerning the Tarkhan potmarks - as contained in her as yet unpublished Thesis (see Bibliography: Mawdsley 2006 a) - to the website's database.
Responsibility for any errors possibly occuring in the various data-based texts appearing throughout the site (but excluding the Forum) lays exclusively by the undersigned.
E.C.M. van den Brink (

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